Policy and Government Decisions


Subject to the relevant laws and regulations, government policy regarding the exploration, production, transmission, export, usage and taxation of natural gas is contained in a series of Government Decisions (GD) taken by the Government of Israel based on the recommendations of professionals at the Ministry of Energy and other governmental institutions. Current policy is subject to GD 442, based on the recommendations of the 2013 Tzemach Committee, as well as GD 4442, based on the recommendations of the 2018 Adiri I Committee.

Creating a business-friendly regulatory regime

Following much public discussion, in 2015-2016 two GDs (476 and 1465), known collectively as the Gas Framework, were adopted. The purpose of the framework was to promote competition in exploration and production, create regulatory certainty, and stimulate new investment.

Incentivizing supply and demand

In 2017, GD 2592 committed the government to participate in the construction of an offshore gas pipeline system, established and operated by the state-owned Israel Natural Gas Lines Co. (INGL), in order to encourage the development of small and medium fields. Several measures were also taken to stimulate demand in the domestic market as part of the Ministry's 2030 goals, including: termination of the use of coal in electricity generation by the mid-2020s; support for the expanding deployment of EVs, expected to increase demand for gas in the power sector; and significant government investment in expansion of the domestic gas transmission network.

Balancing energy security with economic viability

In the past, every producing field was required to be connected to the domestic market, and large quantities of gas from every field were reserved for domestic use. The Adiri I Committee recommended the easing of these requirements, and current policy indeed waives these requirements for fields smaller than 50 BCM (PRMS 2C+2P), and reduces them for fields with 50-200 BCM (PRMS 2C+2P).

Disclaimer: the links belowpoint to unofficial, non-binding English translations published for the reader's convenience. Only the official Hebrew versions of government decisions, laws and regulations are binding.

Government Resolution 476 - Gas Framework I (2015)

Government Resolution 1465 - Gas Framework II (2016)

Government Resolution 2592 - Promoting Development of Small- and Medium-Sized Fields (2017)

Energy Economy Objectives for the Year 2030 (2018)

Government Resolution 4080 - Phasing Out of Coal-Fired Power Generation Units (2018)

Periodic Review of Natural Gas Policy (Adiri I) - Final Recommendations (2018)

Government Resolution 4442 - Adopting the Adiri I Recommendations (2019)