Drilling Operations

Guidelines for Drilling Operations

An operator planning to perform drilling operations in petroleum rights (licenses or leases) is required to submit applications for approval by the Petroleum Commissioner for those operations.

The applications are to be submitted as specified below according to the operation planned, using the formats listed here. Applications should be delivered to the Petroleum Commissioner complete and signed including all required appendixes.


1. Submitting an engineering plan for drilling a well according to the Guidelines for Preparing and Submitting a Drilling Plan.


2. Application to drill as per the form D-1 / "Application for Permit to Drill - APD" (to be submitted 30 days prior to beginning of operation)


3. Application for approval of a casing design plan - as per the form D-1s / "Supplemental APD Information Sheet - Casing Design (Casing String)" (to be submitted together with the APD form).


4. Applications for revision of an approved drilling plan and other types of operations that were not included in the initial drilling applications, such as well tests, plugging and abandonment etc. should be submitted on the form D-2 / "Application for Permit to Modify APM", up to a week prior to start of desired operation.


5. At least 7 days prior to termination of drilling operations an "End of Operation Report (EOR)" will be submitted on form D-3.


6. Upon completion of drilling operations, the operator will perform production tests in accordance with the Guidelines for conducting Production Tests.


7. During drilling operations and after the termination of drilling the operator will submit to the Petroleum Unit the data and reports as specified in Guidelines for Submitting Data from Exploration Activities in a Petroleum Right.


8. Upon completion of all drilling operations, the operator will perform a temporary or permanent abandonment of the wells, in accordance with the Guidelines for Abandonment of Offshore Petroleum and Gas Wells.