OBR4 Data Package

The Data Package prepared for OBR4 contains regional 2D seismic lines, 3D seismic volumes covering the bid area, well data, bathymetric, previous operators report and selected regional studies of the basin's evolution and petroleum systems. For ease of use all the seismic, well and culture data were loaded into a Petrel 2019 E&P Platform Project. For more detailed information on the content of the package see below.

The Data Package will be delivered to potential participants following payment of the Participation Fee, as described on the main OBR4 page. The data may be previewed via the dedicated Virtual Data Room.


A summary of the items included within the data package is shown below. The full list of the data items can be downloaded from the following link.


Data typeData contentFormat
Well data and reports22 wellsLAS, PDF
2D seismic surveys3 regional seismic surveys
3D seismic surveys6 seismic surveys
​Gravity and Magnetic Data
A regional set of gravity and magnetic measurements 
Bathymetry1 grid and technical reportASCII
Culture dataShape files of Active Petroleum Rights, offered Zones, Open Blocks, and MapsSHP, JPEG
Petrel 2019 E&P Platform ProjectPetrel 2019 E&P projectPET
Regional Reports7 reports including Prospectivty SummaryPDF
Previous Operators Reports20 reportsPDF



The well package comprises information and data from 22 wells that were drilled offshore Israel between the 1970 and 2013.  The package includes well log data in LAS format, composite logs, End of Well reports and for certain wells additional technical reports and information, as described in the table below.


Seismic Data



2D Data Set -

The 2D seismic data comprises of regional high-quality 2D seismic reflection lines (in SEGY format) that were acquired by Spectrum Geophysical in 2000 and TGS-NOPEC in 2001 and in 2008. These surveys that are processed in time domain cover the entire bid area.   X/Y coordinates are edited within the trace headers and the lines are ready to be loaded into any standard interpretation station. 

Additional, raw, field tapes may be purchased separately.


3d_map.PNG3D Data Set -

The 3D seismic reflection data comprises of 6 surveys acquired by previous license operators between 2000 to 2013.  The package includes time and depth (where available) migrated volumes (in SEGY format) that can be loaded into any standard interpretation station.

Additional, raw, field tapes, velocity data and stacked offset data can be purchased separately. 

For additional data not included in the Data Package, see the PRIME National Oil and Gas Database website - prime.energy.gov.il