Domestic Demand


Natural Gas Demand in Israel


Since natural gas has first been utilized for the purpose of electricity generation and in the industrial sector in 2004 and up until the end of 2017, Israel saved some NIS 50 billion, alongside with a significant reduction in emissions of pollutants due to the declining use of liquid fuels and coal.

In 2017, the state consumed approximately 10.4 BCM of natural gas, 80% of which for generating electricity, that is 60% of all electricity produced in Israel. In 2018, Israel is expected to consume some 10.9 BCM of natural gas. Accelerated growth in the use of natural gas is expected to continue in the coming years, increasing to 14-15 BCM in 2025, and to 18-19 BCM by 2030. The total forecast demand for the years 2018 to 2042 is 450 BCM (See chart below).

צפי צריכת גז שוק מקומי עד 2042.png