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The Ministry of Energy is responsible for the supply of energy and management of natural resources of the State of Israel. The main objectives of the Ministry are to regulate and manage the supply of electricity, liquid fuels, natural gas, water, promote renewable energy and energy conservation, regulate the exploration and production of oil and gas, minerals and ore excavation, and ensure energy and water security.

Within the ministry, the Natural Resources Administration (NRA) regulates the exploitation of natural resources in Israel. The NRA is made up of two departments: the Mines and Quarries Department and the Natural Gas and Oil Department. The Natural Gas and Oil Department, headed by the Commissioner of Petroleum Affairs, works to promote oil and gas exploration, production and export, in accordance with the Petroleum Law and its various regulations and guidelines, focusing on the upstream and offshore midstream segments. The Department works with other entities within the Ministry of Energy, such as the Gas Authority and the Fuel Administration, which are in charge of regulating the domestic market. The Department includes specialists in areas such as engineering and safety, geology and geophysics, environment, economics and regulation.

One of the main activities of the Natural Gas and Oil Department is managing and archiving data submitted by the operating O&G companies, such as seismic, log and other geophysical data, geological, drilling, engineering, and environmental data and reports, rock cuttings and core samples etc. The National Data Repository for Oil & Gas (PRIME) PRIME, became operational in 2019, allowing for convenient managing, querying and retrieval of data for the Department's staff. A public PRIME website was launched in June 2021 and is allowing searching and retrieving data by the public – at prime.energy.gov.il