The Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources

The Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources is the governmental body responsible for the supply of energy and management of natural resources of the State of Israel.  The main objectives of the Ministry are to regulate and manages the supply of electricity, liquid fuels, natural gas, water, energy conservation, exploration and production of Oil and Gas, mineral and ore excavation and more. Through its professional units and dedicated staff the Ministry supervises these areas and acts to ensure an adequate supply of energy and water during peacetime as well as periods of emergency.

Israel is a developed country with rapidly growing population, advanced industry and diversified economy. The Ministry is facing the challenge of supporting the State’s economic growth with modern and efficient infrastructure systems and the provision of stable and secure sources of energy, while balancing between suppliers and consumers under environmental and social constraints.  This challenge is met through prudent strategic, economic and technical planning, support of R&D activities and cooperation with other ministries and regulatory bodies, international organizations and academia.  

The recent “Gas Revolution” of Israel, associated with the large quantities of natural gas discovered during the last decade, provides many benefits and opportunities. Rapid development of the offshore discoveries allowed a transition of our energy sector from coal and liquid fuels to cleaner and low-priced natural gas.  Already, more than 50% of Israel’s energy for electricity comes from gas.  One of the Ministry’s main goals is to expand the use of gas in the country and to promote the O&G industry and the sustainable development of Israel’s hydrocarbon’s resources.  

Goals and Objectives:
  • Comprehensive,  long-term planning of energy policy
  • Security of supply and a balanced energy mix
  • Sustainable development of oil and gas resources and increase of natural gas reserves
  • Increasing the benefits from gas supple supply to domestic and international markets
  • Expansion gas infrastructure and the use of gas as a clean energy source in the industry
  • Encouraging investments of the private sector and promoting competition
  • Minimizing environmental effects and increasing energy conservation and use of alternative fuels
  • Promoting research and development throughout the energy and water sectors