Downstream Infrastructure

Natural gas is transported from the offshore production platforms through a state-owned  transmission system operated by Israel Natural Gas Lines (INGL).  This system is designed to feed a distribution network to deliver natural gas at low pressure (up to 16 bar) to local consumers, industrial zones and small to medium size facilities.  

The distribution network is planned, constructed and operated by distribution licensees  required to provide equal, nondiscriminatory service to any consumer seeking a network connection.

Israel is divided into six license regions, each of wich is constructed and operated by a single distribution licensee selected through a public tender.  Licensees have exclusivity for the construction, operation and maintenance of the distribution network for a period of 20 to 25 years. The distribution system is being build to comply with the European Standard EN-12007.  The six license areas are: Southern region, Negev region, Arad Area, Central Region, Jerusalem region, Northern region.

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