Data Package


Data Package

The data package prepared for OBR 2018 contains comprehensive information on the Levant Basin including regional 2D seismic lines, 3D seismic volumes covering the bid area, well data, bathymetric, gravity and magnetic grids and selected regional studies of the basin's evolution and petroleum systems. For ease of use all the seismic, well and culture data were loaded into a Petrel 2016 E&P Platform Project. The package includes also a summary of geologic setting and prospectivity of the zones offered for bidding. For more detailed information on the content of the package see below.


​A summary of the items included within the data package is shown below, the full list of the data items can be downloaded ​from the following link​.

Data typeData contentFormat
Well data and reports22 deep wellsLAS, PDF
2D seismic surveysTGS 2001 survey (64 lines and acquisition report)SEGY
TGS 2008 survey (17 lines and acquisition report) SEGY
3D seismic surveys14 seismic surveysSEGY, ZGY
Gravity1 grid  and acquisition report (TGS 2001 survey)ASCII
Magnetic1 grid and acquisition report (TGS 2001 survey)ASCII
Bathymetry1 grid and technical reportASCII
Culture data3 shape filesSHP
Petrel 2016 E&P Platform ProjectPetrel 2016 E&P project PET
​​Reports ​​​​ ​ ​Prospectivity summaryPDF
Previous operators reports               PDF
Highlights of Basin Analysis-Beicip FranLab (2015)PDF
Regional geologic report -Gardosh et al. (2008)PDF


​​The data package contains information and data from 22 wells that were drilled offshore Israel between the 1970 and 2013 (See list of wells and location map below).  The package includes wireline log data in LAS format, composite logs, End of Well reports and for some wells, also additional technical reports and information

DP Wells.png 

Well Age at TD datapackage.png


Seismic Data

2D Data Set -

The 2D seismic data comprises of regional high-quality 2D seismic data sets (in SEGY format) that were acquired by TGS-NOPEC in 2001 and in 2008. These two surveys that are processed in time domain cover the entire bid area. X/Y coordinates are edited within the trace headers and the lines are ready to be loaded into any standard interpretation station.  Additional raw, field tapes can be purchased separately. 

 2D Seismic Coverage2.png

3D Data Set -

The 3D seismic data comprises of 14 surveys acquired by previous license operators between 2000 to 2013. The package comprises of time and depth (where available) migrated cubes (in SEGY format). The volumes are ready to be loaded into any standard interpretation station.  Additional Raw, field tapes, velocity data and stacked offset data can be purchased separately

 3D Seismic Survey Outline in data package.png



Gravity and Magnetic Data

A regional set of gravity and magnetic measurements was acquired during the seismic acquisition of TGS-NOPEC in 2001. This data set is provided in the data package.

TGS-NOPEC 2001 GravMag Coverage.png 

​In order to receive the data package a Participation Fee of USD 50,000 should be transferred to the Ministry of Energy through its correspondent bank, according to the details below. The Fee deposited in the Ministry's bank account should be equal to USD 50,000, with all other taxes and handling expenses payed by the bidder (Details of charges on the transfer order should be: OUR).

Paying the Participation Fee is a pre-condition for participation in the bid round.


The Data Package will be sent by the Ministry in a 2TB, 3.5 inch external hard drive, delivered by a courier service following the submission of a receipt showing the payment of the Participating Fee, and the signed Confidentiality Undertaking attached below to: Once the transfer of payment is confirmed, you will be notified by the Ministry on the details of package delivery.​


Please remit wire USD funds to:

Correspondent Bank: 

Federal Reserve Bank of New York, New York

Swift code: FRNYUS33

ABA/FW: 0210-0120-8

Acc: 021084393 ISRAEA


Final Beneficiary Bank:

Bank of Israel, Jerusalem

Swift code: ISRAILIJ


Beneficiary IBANIL700990011317120084582

Held in Bank of Israel's books


For the Confidentiality Undertaking in MS Word format please click here.  

For more details please Contact Us.