Bid Round Documents and Timeframe

​The bid documents contain all the required information for the participants in the 1st bid round 2016.  They include a description of the offering, the required qualifications and evaluation criteria, license model, instructions for submission and the relevant forms and tables for submission a bid.​​

To download the bid round documents in PDF format, please click here.

The bid round documents (in MS Word format) and data package are for purchase since November, 2016, as specified in the next page "Data Package".


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Bid Timeframe

​​EventEstimated Date​Location
Announcement, opening ceremony and EMEA roadshow1 September 2016​London
APAC roadshow6 September 2016​Singapore
Publication of bid round documents15 November 2016​Online
America roadshow30 November 2016 ​Houston
​Israel roadshow ​9 February 2017​Tel Aviv
End of Q&A15 October 2017​Online
Closing Date15 November 2017 14:00 ILT​Jerusalem


​For a license sample in Hebrew please click here. a nonbinding, unofficial translation into English is included in the bid round documents (Schedule 6).